Canadian Territories

FlexRate offers residential and commercial clients a variety of long distance moving and transportation services. Our fleet has several new and reliable trucks of capacities 16, 20, 28 ft, all of which undergo regular technical checkups, are equipped with highly efficient loading ramps and GPS navigation. The trucks are registered, inspected, and insured. Our loaders and drivers are highly qualified professionals, they are always friendly, polite and attentive to details. Our teams make sure your belongings or cargo get delivered safely and on time. FlexRate has all the resources and experience to provide its clients with the highest quality transportation services. We are very proud of our impeccable 4-years reputation and we keep perfecting ourselves.

We currently offer the following routes:

  • Montreal – Toronto – Montreal
  • Montreal – Ottawa – Montreal
  • Montreal – Quebec City – Montreal
  • However, we are constantly adding new destinations to our list. Do not hesitate to contact us, to find more about the destinations we serve.
  • Affordable moving services
  • Free quotes are also available for this service. Our agents will provide detailed information on each case, and answer all questions the clients may have. To avoid any risks, complete insurance is provided for each client, and our company is responsible for the moving. Trust professional movers to take care of your belongings and cargo!


Long Distance Moving is one of our most popular services. Yet people kept asking us whether it is possible to deliver their belongings to the US. To help our clients get the most of our services, we are proud to announce our new Cross-Border Long Distance US-Canada Moving service. Our agents and moving teams took time to understand in detail all the information and regulations concerning Cross-Border Moving. FlexRate professionals will ensure that all the necessary documentations are at hands, all regulations are met, and the goods are delivered safely and on time, making the cross-border moving process simple and an enjoyable experience.

  • Montreal – New York
  • Montreal – NEW JERSEY
  • Montreal – FLORIDA

When considering a cross-border moving, be sure to contact us. Our experts will help you plan your move in an efficient and affordable way.

For more information please ,feel free to contact us !

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